Maslenitsa in Nikola-Lenivets 2020
International open-call competition for the Maslenitsa 2020 art object in Nikola-Lenivets
Maslenitsa in Nikola-Lenivets is not just a folk holiday with pancakes and burning of the celebration jackstraw. It is always a one-day performance, which ends with a spectacular big bonfire. A work of art is built especially for the bonfire over several months which is destined to disappear in just a couple of hours.

According to the team of the art park, this is what real art is - it is not stored in the museum under glass, but appears briefly, so that after it forever remains in the memory of everyone who saw it. Artworks have been burned in Nikola-Lenivets since 2001, that's when the main idea of harnessing the unyielding fire making it the co-author of each artwork appeared.
Competition aim
To determine the best concept of an art object for Maslenitsa 2020 in Nikola-Lenivets (Russia, Kaluga region)
Who can participate
Artists, architects, designers, film/theatre directors, coders and anyone who is creative.
At different times such artworks as the Media Tower, Boykonur, Cooling Tower, Firebird, Pyramid and Bastille were set afire here. The fire in Nikola-Lenivets is not a symbol of hatred or righteous anger, as is the case when, for example, burning flags or books. Only on this day fire is a peaceful manifestation of nature and the main participant of the carnival. Its heat, swirling light, all-absorbing power is a symbol of the coming spring sun after a long Russian winter. This force needs to be given not a hastily made doll, but something bigger. What exactly? This year we offer you to come up with the main art object for Maslenitsa 2020, and a performance preceding its burning.
Materials for the object
It is important for us that only materials that burn well and are either production waste or recyclable are used in the project. Burning something useful is not wise. Here's what we usually use:

  • Old wooden pallets that have to leave the factories for recycling are ideal as an inner pipe of an object that immediately catches fire.
  • Forest thinners — 6-meter ends of coniferous trees, unsuitable for use on a sawmill, thin diameter (less than 200 mm). Suitable for constructing the frame of the object.
  • Bales of straw — low-quality straw, unsuitable for animal feed. When burning gives sparks, heat and smoke.
  • Wooden construction waste is the main material of burning, making the fire burn long and beautifully.
Project selection criteria
  • The idea concept relevant for the cultural context of Nikola-Lenivets.
  • Spectacularity.
  • Detailed work-through of all the mandatory points of the project.
  • Implementation possibility — there are two months of construction in cold winter conditions with the use of a tractor and crane at our disposal.
  • Compliance with budget and implementation conditions.
The total budget for the construction of the project should not exceed 1 million rubles. Authors should offer an optimal balance between spent funds, the entertainment factor and relevance of the finished project.

The winner's fee is 100 000 rubles (including personal income tax), local accommodation for two for the period of assembling the artwork.Additional costs (transportation and meals) — not included.
If you need to come to Nikola-Lenivets to see the materials, the place, talk to the builders, contact us and we will offer you a discount on accommodation.

Please take into account the working hours. If you win the project, you must participate in key points of development and construction of the project.

You cannot publish ideas submitted to the competition prior to the publication of the official results. If the results of the competition are recognized by the organizers as unsuccessful, then a new object on a non-competitive basis will be constructed for Maslenitsa instead.
What is included in the application form
  • Sketch design of an art object no less than 20 meters high.
  • Idea of burning the object.
  • The concept for a performance preceding the start of the fire
October 1
Open-call launch
November 24
The end of the competition, the jury begins to work
December 1
Announcement of the competition results, preparatory works
December 22
Start of construction
February 22
Completion of the object for internal presentation
February 29
Maslenitsa in Nikola-Lenivets
Nikolay Polissky
Artist, founder of the art park Nikola-Lenivets and Archstoyanie festival
Anton Kochurkin
Architect, curator of the Archstoyanie festival, head of the 8 Lines project group
Ivan Polissky
Managing Partner of art park Nikola-Lenivets
Yuliya Bychkova
Managing Partner of the art park Nikola-Lenivets, producer of the Archstoyanie festival and the Children's Archstoyanie festival, managing partner of the 8 Lines project group
Participant application form
If you have an idea, fill out the application form and send your project.
Website/Online Portfolio/Other link
Project Description
Nikola-Lenivets is the search for the unique identity of a place
I will need help in finalizing the project, its design, selection of materials, method of installation
Warn us
I will be able to personally attend the project development process from December 1 to December 15, come and participate in construction from December 22 to February 22
Confirm if you can
The results of the competition can be posted on our online resources. I consent to the publication of the project and related materials in the public domain with the indication of my personal data
It is important for us
I agree not to publish my project in any open source until the results of the competition are announced
We have to be sure
Attach a sketch of the object (1 file)
The most important thing
Applications are sent in any readable form to:

Competition coordinator: Alexandra Khokholeva

All questions should be addressed by telephone to +7 929 555-36-45
Ticket to Maslenitsa
If you come to Maslenitsa in Nikola-Lenivets every year and know in advance that you want to spend February 29, 2020 with us you can buy a ticket in advance at a special price. We expect you to be ready to come without information about the object and to learn about it already holding a ticket, in return we give you the best price offer.
Information Partners
Tilda Publishing
Strategic Arch-Partner
The Nikola-Lenivets art park is situated on the territory of the Ugra National Park and is a specially protected area. Rare birds or a fox can easily be spotted while walking through the forest. We also welcome guests who come with their pets.

The work of Nikola-Lenivets as an art park is based on the direct participation of local residents of this village. They not only help solve the daily issues of the place but also have become indispensable to the artist Nikolay Polissky.

The Nikola-Lenivets art park is a unique example of a project in Russia which provides for the local population thanks to art and creates an environment where every resident is an artist.